More Payers Will Recognize Your Pharmacy's Value in Improving Patient Care

"Value-based pharmacy" will bring BIG changes to your practice...and more attention to your role in improving the quality of patient care.

This new thinking has health insurance payers recognizing the value and impact that pharmacies have in the med-use process.

It will pave the way for pharmacies to be paid more based on quality of care and outcomes...and less on dispensing alone.

Green Shield Canada is the first payer to start this "pay-for-performance" initiative in Canada...but expect others to follow.

Pharmacies who submit claims to Green Shield will get a "Patient-Impact Score." This score is based on performance in three adherence, chronic disease management, and med safety.

The better the score, the higher your pharmacy's reimbursements.

Expect these reimbursements based on your pharmacy's score sometime in 2020.

Patients will also be able to see your pharmacy's score...and may choose to use a pharmacy with higher ratings.

Understand the key performance measures that can set your pharmacy apart in optimizing patient care...and how you can help.

Adherence is a HUGE deal...especially to certain meds for blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Helping patients stay on their meds improves outcomes and reduces overall healthcare costs.

Keep an eye on patients with late refills or return-to-stocks for chronic meds...and offer tools to improve adherence, such as alarms, smartphone apps, pillboxes, or blister packaging.

Offer patients med the pharmacist can help patients improve adherence, achieve therapy goals, resolve med problems, and reduce hospitalizations.

Assist with scheduling appointments...collecting paperwork...and sharing documentation with prescribers. This makes the process smoother and easier to incorporate into your everyday activities...and gives the pharmacist more time to spend with patients.

For more tips to help you improve patient care and impact scores, see our Value-Based Pharmacy toolbox.

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